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Shout it from the mountain tops!

Updated Site Design!

Updated Site Design!
I hate web design. But I made this site at the cost of some degree of sanity out of sheer necessity. Over the last few days, I have been attempting to update both the form and function of the site itself while also adding more quality content. Some things that you might notice:

  • Online Booking
  • Interractive Menus
  • Gallery Layouts

I’d rather be shooting.


Studio Upgrade 2016! Ciceri Photo: Kirkland, WA

It is good to take time to remember our accomplishments and celebrate our growth. Not long ago, my home studio was little more than a nook in the garage.

Most of my work was done on location.

The aesthetics of my humble studio truly didn’t matter that much. Between the mobile portraits and warehouse product photos, I didn’t have anyone to impress in my own garage. ( I often chose to work without pants, even.)

But with my persistence in pursuing portrait photography, I developed the need for a proper home studio. (There is just something off putting about asking people to allow me to photograph them in my garage. *breathes heavily* lol) Granted, space is still quite limited but it serves its purpose quite well. I’ve moved out of the dark, dank garage and into a more refined and comfortable work space; a work space with HEAT. It isn’t much but this studio is mine. Of course, I could also go absolutely nuts acquiring better and better gear (and I will haha) but as it stands, this is my little space where magic happens. Huzzah!

I’m so pleased with the way my new nook is working out.  Now I just need to do a better job decorating the walls.  😛

New site design!

After much time spent agonizing over the dumbest of things and fumbling my way through website design (hey, I’d rather be on set than shaking my fist in anger at borked web code) I am finally pretty satisfied with the outcome. It isn’t the best looking website on the web but it will serve its purpose. At least it no longer looks like some ancient monstrosity that hails from the Geocities era. While this process is fairly simple for the more experienced designer, for me this was a headache and a half. One misplaced period can really cause some havoc.


I am looking into further developing the functionality of this site by providing easy booking/payment options. I’ve needed these features for a while. Perhaps this recent headache might prevent future scheduling headaches? One can only hope.

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