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We’ve come a long way, baby!

Updated Site Design!

Updated Site Design!
I hate web design. But I made this site at the cost of some degree of sanity out of sheer necessity. Over the last few days, I have been attempting to update both the form and function of the site itself while also adding more quality content. Some things that you might notice:

  • Online Booking
  • Interractive Menus
  • Gallery Layouts

I’d rather be shooting.


Client Testimonials That Melted My Heart

Photography Kirkland couple portrait photography
A while back, I took a step outside of my comfort zone. I collectively asked some excellent clients for their honest feedback on my provided service. These client testimonials really tugged at my heart strings! I was really blown away by the flood of heartwarming positivity and encouragement. It is the little things that really matter. I’m so happy that I could make the best of their photography experiences.

I feel so fortunate to have such lovely people in my life. Every single one of these clients has made a positive impression upon me. I fondly recall each of their sessions. I must be doing something right to be attracting these awesome people! Asking for testimonials is difficult but I am so thankful that I could set that anxiety aside. These are amazing people and it has been my goal to keep these people smiling. 🙂


Client Testimonials:

Alaina is fantastic to work with. She is helpful, prompt, and goes beyond the call of duty. From staging the scene to final edits, she is capable and talented throughout the entire process.”- Sara D.

“Wow! They [the images] turned out AMAZING!!! Thank you so much! I LOVE them! You have a gift!“- Shawn G.

“Alaina was instrumental in helping me and my boys have a great photo shoot. She helped with suggestions on what to wear (colors/pattern wise) and she effortlessly brought out their smiles and silly faces alike.”Jack B.

Working with Alaina was fantastic. She turned some of my mediocre ideas into clever masterpieces and used the natural light to add a sense of whimsy to the photographs she took. She was able to use the same lighting to create some slightly more seductive pictures, too. I was thoroughly impressed with her professionalism and her ability to just go with the flow. I was pretty awkward and uncomfortable at first, but we ended up having a great time laughing and being creative together. The pictures she took made me feel like a bombshell and even caught the attention of the man who is now my husband. The fact that she let me use wine as a prop was definitely an added bonus.”- Debra M.

Professional, patient, and easy to work with to get the imagery and retouching you are looking for and need for a great photo.”- Olivia C.

“Alaina took senior photos for my son – and was able to accommodate us on a short notice. She inspired confidence that we would end up with quality shots and we were very pleased with the results.“- Jenny R.

“My husband and I recently had a photo shoot with the spectacular Alaina ofCiceri Photo. I was a little concerned about how my husband would do, as he never “modeled” before. (I had, but it’s been many years.) My fears were immediately put to rest by Alaina’s professionalism and easygoing demeanor. We began by being silly, and then progressed to many different poses with a few wardrobe changes. The photos came out PHENOMENAL and I could not be more pleased! Everything about them, from the lighting to the composition, is perfect. These photos will be cherished for many years to come. I can not say enough good things about Alaina, her ability or her creativity! I feel honored to have been able to participate in a photo shoot with her and hope to get an opportunity to do it again sometime!”Barbara S.


Couple Portrait “Explore” on Flickr

Photography Kirkland couple portrait photography

A recent portrait session of mine yielded some amazing photos. Flickr chose to feature one of these images in their daily “Explore” on 9/30/16. How awesome!


This isn’t the first time that my work has been chosen for Explore but I always do appreciate the new site traffic and the recognition. Pretty neat, huh?


See my other “Explored” images!

Studio Upgrade 2016! Ciceri Photo: Kirkland, WA

It is good to take time to remember our accomplishments and celebrate our growth. Not long ago, my home studio was little more than a nook in the garage.

Most of my work was done on location.

The aesthetics of my humble studio truly didn’t matter that much. Between the mobile portraits and warehouse product photos, I didn’t have anyone to impress in my own garage. ( I often chose to work without pants, even.)

But with my persistence in pursuing portrait photography, I developed the need for a proper home studio. (There is just something off putting about asking people to allow me to photograph them in my garage. *breathes heavily* lol) Granted, space is still quite limited but it serves its purpose quite well. I’ve moved out of the dark, dank garage and into a more refined and comfortable work space; a work space with HEAT. It isn’t much but this studio is mine. Of course, I could also go absolutely nuts acquiring better and better gear (and I will haha) but as it stands, this is my little space where magic happens. Huzzah!

I’m so pleased with the way my new nook is working out.  Now I just need to do a better job decorating the walls.  😛

Oh how far you’ve come…


I’ve been dealing with a lot of career stress. My FT staff/product photographer position is cutting my hours dramatically due to a declining need. I’ve had enough of it anyway (for soooo many reasons) but I’m going to have to hustle to really make ends meet. With so much looming over my head, it has felt rather overwhelming. Sometimes I start to question whether or not I’m really cut out for this. My mind hasn’t been the most rational as of late.

I compiled a group of some of the fliers, catalogs, and such that have published my work. There is also a folder containing material from my training with a local portrait studio. It hasn’t even been a full year since I left the cubicle and set out in pursuit of this dream. I have come a long way in a short amount of time. Hopefully, my departure from a stifling environment will only assist my momentum and growth. hustle hustle hustle.




Welcome to Ciceri Photo!

It is no secret that we’ve been busy re-branding. For quite some time, we operated under another brand name. We began as “You Are Loved Photo”. Initially, we had intended to focus more heavily on portraiture but, over time our business evolved. We soon discovered that the name just didn’t seem to encompass our work any longer. Sure- the world needs more love in it but it wasn’t really working for us in the commercial world.

We are a close knit, husband and wife team. Alaina is the lead photographer. She is the backbone of Ciceri Photo. Jean-Pierre is her lovely assistant. He is the IT guru and helping hands. Working together, we have been able to produce some amazing images for some excellent clientele. We’re glad to be moving forward with this fresh image. Stay tuned…