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Boudoir shoot: Meet Miss M.

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Meet Miss M.

She decided to celebrate her recent weight loss. Feeling confident in her transformed body, she stepped outside of her comfort zone and onto my set. Like many often do, she arrived a bit nervous and a little uncertain but those anxieties were quickly eased once she was in the makeup chair and talking with us girls over some white wine. Amanda used her master cosmetology skills to enhance and polish M.’s natural beauty. She was also very helpful during the shoot.

M. came prepared! Not only did she bring a great clothing selection, she brought her own music playlist that we rocked out to throughout the shoot. (She seriously has excellent taste in music!) She personally requested to use her band tees. I love it! She is gorgeous and she deserves to know it! Hot damn! I’m so glad that she did this for herself and I’m so glad that I could do this for her.




product photography: Browse Hardware


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Browse Hardware Product Shoot

Good news, Everyone! Business has been gaining some more traction. I have been partnering with Browse Hardware photographing some of their point of sale hardware. The products were shot isolated on a white background. In addition to shooting them on white, I took to the streets to photograph the setup in a quaint cafe setting. It was a great project. And I’ve already started on a completely new project for Browse Hardware! Keep it coming! Repeat business rocks!

I am always seeking to add to my list of commercial contacts! I love working with people that truly understand the full impact that quality photography can have on a business; increased sales through inspired interest, professional and consistent branding, informed and empowered customers, etc. Commercial product photography is a whole different game than lifestyle portrait photography. While I do enjoy both, I feel that I have more freedom to obsess over those tiny details that can make or break a product photo. And yes, I do obsess. A lot. I am eternally grateful for each and every client that arrives with a prepared product however I always take preparation a step further. You would be surprised how many almost invisible tiny hairs that I will find on a “clean” product.I like this game of I-spy, though. haha

Family Portrait Session from Late December

family portrait

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Late December family portrait session

This was a really great family portrait session! Joy and her wonderful family made my day! I am incredibly thankful that the weather, albeit a bit frigid, it held out just for us! This time of year, the golden hour comes a bit early in the Pacific Northwest. I think we nailed it, though.

Each and every member of this family was a pleasure to meet and to photograph! Between their brilliant smiles and your lively personalities, I had an absolute blast! This is such a great family!

Individual Portrait Session: Amanda’s Headshots


This is Amanda. Amanda is rad. I was fortunate enough to spend some time with her taking headshots and whatnot. She shared some of her tales of raising three young boys and all that such an endeavor really entails. She is one hard working woman and totally deserving of the quiet “mommy time” she had in my studio. (I love the kids but I have to give a big “Thank You” to that last minute babysitter!)

Amanda and her family are great! They were one of my first family sessions for Ciceri Photo. They have since gained another adorable little boy! (Seriously… all these boys are going to be heartbreakers, mark my word. )

Couple Portrait Session: Barbra and Darrell

Photography Kirkland couple portrait photography

I was lucky to photograph some of my favorite people; a truly lovely couple. Barb and Darrell are great people with unique and sparkling personalities. In their short years on this planet, they have lived more than most and have some epic stories to share of their many adventures. Not often does one meet two people that appear to have been made especially for one another. It really was an honor to photograph these two as they retraced the origins of their relatively new love and softly melted into one another’s arms. This couple is truly in love.

Throughout our session, there were many smiles and laughs shared. We had some fun with a variety of outfits and props. It was a lot of fun! This session will be one that I will remember very fondly for ages to come. I have a feeling that they will feel the same. Thank you so much, Barb and Darrel.

Family Session: The Densons

I’ve been a busy girl these past few days.

Saturday evening, I was fortunate enough to photograph the Denson family. A gentle breeze carried the sweet summer air through the pine boughs. (I love being outdoors this time of year.)  The Densons are great people- The little boys are just darling. C is just the sweetest, kindest little man (and a great helper!). The youngest B, is incredible. He can’t speak yet but his expressive eyes speak volumes. ( He is a little adventurer- I can tell. :P) Dean and Amanda are a lovely couple, too. They have an adorable family- and guess what- they are expecting the birth of their third boy any day now! Amanda was just radiating beauty throughout the entire shoot. She was such a trooper, too.

Overall, our shoot was full of smiles, laughter, and family bonding. It is sessions like that that fill me with absolute joy. I feel so thankful to be able to photograph these moments- moments that will be cherished for generations to come.

Here is a sneak peek from our shoot.



Aren’t they just the cutest? 🙂 I eagerly await the arrival of the newest member to the Denson family.


*Note to self: don’t read text messages and write blogs at the same time, you doof.