Kirkland Marina

I took a short walk down at Kirkland’s Marina Park.

It was mighty brisk but it was a nice day nonetheless. The sun was shining and a few people were out taking advantage of it.

Some families and tourists walked along the pier as enjoy each other’s company. There was also a small group of teenagers tempting their luck by balancing on and jumping between some of the rocks. As one of the boys made a leap of faith from one boulder to the next, I fondly recalled all the dumb dares I didn’t turn down in my youth. He made it. Thank goodness he didn’t plunge into the frigid water below… with his phone in his pocket.

Kirkland certainly has some great parks. Heck, Washington has some amazing parks overall! Even at this tiny park on the water, wildlife can be easily found. I saw some seagulls, ducks, and pigeons. Of course, the were happily picking up after the messier of the marina’s visitors but the majority of them lazed in the afternoon sun.  I also found bird poop. A whole lot of bird poop. Lots and lots of bird poop. I can appreciate the wildlife, even if that means dodging the green duck turds along the walkway.

Honestly, I wish that my little adventure had been a bit longer. I wasn’t feeling too well and had to cut it short. Perhaps, another (probably warmer) day. 😛

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