Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Photo Walk 2016

Pike Place Market

A recent project had me snapping some shots with a wide lens around Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. I arrived relatively early but the market was already bustling. Businesses were rushing to prepare for commerce. Bakers were baking. Produce stands were sampling their wares to passersby. Shoppers and tourists happily shuffled the halls of the indoor market in search of artisan products or other treasures that might be found within some hidden nook of the public market. The historic halls still have life to them yet!

Outside of the comfort and safety of the market, the air was incredibly heavy with humidity. The sky threatened rain. The brisk wind reminded pedestrians that autumn is around the corner.

If you happen to be in the area, I highly recommend visiting Pike Place. Visit if only to experience a little piece of Seattle history and culture. (Guided tours are available) Experience the produce and flower stands. Experience the fish markets. Experience the baked goods and artisan crafts. Experience Seattle.

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