Pinup Shoot 2/25/17

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Hello, Hello! First and foremost, I want to extend my limitless thanks to each and every person that participated in Epic Exposure’s Pinup shoot! Each model brought something extra special to the table. You ladies rocked! Between the eye-catching wardrobes and flawless makeup, it is certainly safe to say that you ladies brought your A games. Bruce and his supporting team made all the magic happen seemingly effortlessly. But we all know of the hard work that went into it. Those impeccable organizational skills really made the shoot flow so naturally! And how about that awesome studio, am I right?

Overall, this was an excellent shoot and I would happily work with any of you any day of the week… maybe not Sundays. A girl has to rest. ;P

Below, you can find a list of the model names and download links for each individual model. I will be using Google Drive to share the images since I have been having hosting frustrations lately and I’m certain that no one wants to wait a year to download their images. This will likely require an account. If this is an issue, please feel free to contact me and we can make other arrangements.

Dorothy Lora Massey
Kelsey Shardell Monique Bowman
Katie Smith
Brenda Lynn Cavoretto
Ariel Lein (AirBubblesCosplay)
Clara (ClaraBabyLegs)
Kat (Sharkie Kittie)
Amber Brady


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