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product photography: Browse Hardware


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Browse Hardware Product Shoot

Good news, Everyone! Business has been gaining some more traction. I have been partnering with Browse Hardware photographing some of their point of sale hardware. The products were shot isolated on a white background. In addition to shooting them on white, I took to the streets to photograph the setup in a quaint cafe setting. It was a great project. And I’ve already started on a completely new project for Browse Hardware! Keep it coming! Repeat business rocks!

I am always seeking to add to my list of commercial contacts! I love working with people that truly understand the full impact that quality photography can have on a business; increased sales through inspired interest, professional and consistent branding, informed and empowered customers, etc. Commercial product photography is a whole different game than lifestyle portrait photography. While I do enjoy both, I feel that I have more freedom to obsess over those tiny details that can make or break a product photo. And yes, I do obsess. A lot. I am eternally grateful for each and every client that arrives with a prepared product however I always take preparation a step further. You would be surprised how many almost invisible tiny hairs that I will find on a “clean” product.I like this game of I-spy, though. haha