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Playing with Bokeh: Christmas Lights

`Tis the season!

I’ve been spending some time playing with some Christmas lights!  My goal: To achieve some silky smooth bokeh orbs.

I experimented a bit with the placement of these lights. I began by placing them being my subject.

Our dog recently turned 9! 9 years old! I had to get some more shots of him in his older age. The dusting of gray makes him look distinguished, does it not? The Santa beard, not so much. He reluctantly indulged my ridiculous costume requests for a few milk bones.

After wrangling and bribing the dog to pose for me, I changed it up a bit. I moved the Christmas lights between the subject and the lens. Having no other available model at this hour, I then stepped into the scene. I shot tethered so that I could better review and adjust my scene as needed. No makeup and unkempt; the images came out better than expected. 🙂

Overall, the project was fun. It was fun, albeit a bit difficult to manage the orb placement while creating self-portraits. I would really like to get a patient model in my studio so I can play around with some bokeh lighting ideas. It will have to wait until after the holiday season, though. I’m already running around like a chicken with my head cut off. At least I still have time to do these lighting experiments. The practice is good.

On another note: See what overplucking your eyebrows in your youth can do! 😛 Slowly but surely they are filling in. Very slowly.

Go take a hike

After some plans fell through, I was left without anything to do for the afternoon. While  I sat at the computer and completed some things that had been demanding my attention, “ROFL” repeatedly sighed heavily. It was clear that he was bored- and even though he had full access to the backyard, I felt that we both could use some more adventure in our lives.


So I packed his backpack with some toys, water, and dish. We headed into some nearby woods for a bit of a hike. He had an absolute blast. I had forgotten exactly how therapeutic a simple walk in the woods can be.


Dog days and such


In such uncertain times, remaining positive is somewhat of a battle. I’ve kept shooting, of course.

I recently had a skype interview with a local commercial studio. The interviewers seemed like great people. I’ll admit, my interview skills are… a little quirky. Interview nervousness can occasionally cause me some verbal diarrhea. I’m still kicking myself over some things that I could have worded differently.

I am what I am- quirks and all. Take it or leave it.

I really do want this position. I feel that there is room and encouragement for growth. I need that. I’ve been stagnating enough as it is. I’ve also sometimes felt as if I am floundering. I am not typically business oriented and this has been a huge stumbling block for me. Don’t get me wrong, I do my job to the best of my ability however, business/marketing has never been my top priority.

I’m crossing my fingers and toes.


I’m still shooting. Shooting and hoping.