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Family Portrait Session from Late December

family portrait

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Late December family portrait session

This was a really great family portrait session! Joy and her wonderful family made my day! I am incredibly thankful that the weather, albeit a bit frigid, it held out just for us! This time of year, the golden hour comes a bit early in the Pacific Northwest. I think we nailed it, though.

Each and every member of this family was a pleasure to meet and to photograph! Between their brilliant smiles and your lively personalities, I had an absolute blast! This is such a great family!

2016 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show

Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show


I’ve been meaning to go to the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show for the past few years however, my schedule never seemed to allow for it. Not this year!


The day was one of the hottest of the year so far. Traffic was horrendous and we didn’t arrive until the early evening but none of that mattered once inside. Yeah, we were all thankful for the Tacoma Convention Center’s fine air conditioning system but more than that, the building seemed to be buzzing with positive energy.

Once up the escalators, visitors were greeted by bells, lasers, beeps, boops, and the general rumble of engaged players and eager onlookers. The price of admission ($30 for that Saturday of the weekend event) seemed a little steep at first however we quickly recovered the value through what we would have spent in quarters if not for the free play all around. It was fun to try so many machines but I especially enjoyed some of the older pinball machines. While some relived fond memories of ages past, some were just now experiencing these older technologies for the first time. That was fun to observe. We stayed until the event closed at 11:30PM. To be honest, I could have played a few more hours. Perhaps I should consider the weekend pass for next year? My only real complaint was the lack of hand sanitizer stations. It would have been nice to see some dispersed between some aisles however I am uncertain if hand sanitizer itself might damage some of the machines’ components. Oh well. We brought our own and were careful about it. ;P



Please support the volunteers at NorthWest Pinball and Arcade Show.

Family Session: The Densons

I’ve been a busy girl these past few days.

Saturday evening, I was fortunate enough to photograph the Denson family. A gentle breeze carried the sweet summer air through the pine boughs. (I love being outdoors this time of year.)  The Densons are great people- The little boys are just darling. C is just the sweetest, kindest little man (and a great helper!). The youngest B, is incredible. He can’t speak yet but his expressive eyes speak volumes. ( He is a little adventurer- I can tell. :P) Dean and Amanda are a lovely couple, too. They have an adorable family- and guess what- they are expecting the birth of their third boy any day now! Amanda was just radiating beauty throughout the entire shoot. She was such a trooper, too.

Overall, our shoot was full of smiles, laughter, and family bonding. It is sessions like that that fill me with absolute joy. I feel so thankful to be able to photograph these moments- moments that will be cherished for generations to come.

Here is a sneak peek from our shoot.



Aren’t they just the cutest? 🙂 I eagerly await the arrival of the newest member to the Denson family.


*Note to self: don’t read text messages and write blogs at the same time, you doof.