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Couple Portrait Session: Barbra and Darrell

Photography Kirkland couple portrait photography

I was lucky to photograph some of my favorite people; a truly lovely couple. Barb and Darrell are great people with unique and sparkling personalities. In their short years on this planet, they have lived more than most and have some epic stories to share of their many adventures. Not often does one meet two people that appear to have been made especially for one another. It really was an honor to photograph these two as they retraced the origins of their relatively new love and softly melted into one another’s arms. This couple is truly in love.

Throughout our session, there were many smiles and laughs shared. We had some fun with a variety of outfits and props. It was a lot of fun! This session will be one that I will remember very fondly for ages to come. I have a feeling that they will feel the same. Thank you so much, Barb and Darrel.