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Studio Upgrade 2016! Ciceri Photo: Kirkland, WA

It is good to take time to remember our accomplishments and celebrate our growth. Not long ago, my home studio was little more than a nook in the garage.

Most of my work was done on location.

The aesthetics of my humble studio truly didn’t matter that much. Between the mobile portraits and warehouse product photos, I didn’t have anyone to impress in my own garage. ( I often chose to work without pants, even.)

But with my persistence in pursuing portrait photography, I developed the need for a proper home studio. (There is just something off putting about asking people to allow me to photograph them in my garage. *breathes heavily* lol) Granted, space is still quite limited but it serves its purpose quite well. I’ve moved out of the dark, dank garage and into a more refined and comfortable work space; a work space with HEAT. It isn’t much but this studio is mine. Of course, I could also go absolutely nuts acquiring better and better gear (and I will haha) but as it stands, this is my little space where magic happens. Huzzah!

I’m so pleased with the way my new nook is working out.  Now I just need to do a better job decorating the walls.  😛

Exploring Fremont

I’ve been trying to get out and explore a bit more. There is a lot to learn and appreciate about this area. I took an afternoon and walked about a bit of Fremont. In all honesty, I wish I had left earlier. the bus ride was a brutal hour and  half! (yuck) But the adventure was worth it.

While at the bus stop, I took a photo of the sky to show how exceptionally clear the day was… at least when I began my journey.

Sometimes, I feel like a creeper.

Fremont certainly has a style all its own.

The beautiful weather attracted all sorts to come outside and play. The water and trail were quite active. I even spotted some local wildlife.

Even though I know I haven’t even scratched the surface, Fremont has to be one of my favorite neighborhoods, I think.

Gas Works Park was fun, too. I made it in time to see the crowd gathering atop the hill to usher out a glorious day; the break from the Seattle winter gloom.

It was refreshing to be able to shake off the winter blues for a while and surround myself with so many others just enjoying the same in their own ways.