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Family Portrait Session from Late December

family portrait

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Late December family portrait session

This was a really great family portrait session! Joy and her wonderful family made my day! I am incredibly thankful that the weather, albeit a bit frigid, it held out just for us! This time of year, the golden hour comes a bit early in the Pacific Northwest. I think we nailed it, though.

Each and every member of this family was a pleasure to meet and to photograph! Between their brilliant smiles and your lively personalities, I had an absolute blast! This is such a great family!

Family Session: The Densons

I’ve been a busy girl these past few days.

Saturday evening, I was fortunate enough to photograph the Denson family. A gentle breeze carried the sweet summer air through the pine boughs. (I love being outdoors this time of year.)  The Densons are great people- The little boys are just darling. C is just the sweetest, kindest little man (and a great helper!). The youngest B, is incredible. He can’t speak yet but his expressive eyes speak volumes. ( He is a little adventurer- I can tell. :P) Dean and Amanda are a lovely couple, too. They have an adorable family- and guess what- they are expecting the birth of their third boy any day now! Amanda was just radiating beauty throughout the entire shoot. She was such a trooper, too.

Overall, our shoot was full of smiles, laughter, and family bonding. It is sessions like that that fill me with absolute joy. I feel so thankful to be able to photograph these moments- moments that will be cherished for generations to come.

Here is a sneak peek from our shoot.



Aren’t they just the cutest? 🙂 I eagerly await the arrival of the newest member to the Denson family.


*Note to self: don’t read text messages and write blogs at the same time, you doof.