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Seattle’s Museum of Flight

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I’ve always been a fan of museums just as I have always studied flight in wonderment. Living so close to Boeing, I get my fair share of interesting aerial sightings. I did photograph the Blue Angels from Boeing field, where I acquired the worst sunburn of my adult life. But not until recently had I had the opportunity to attend  Boeing’s Museum of Flight.

I highly recommend this educational day trip adventure to anyone. The history is rich within those walls. The knowledgeable and personable docents were eager to strike up an informative conversation with patrons. The large main room windows allowed for light to pour through many different types of suspended aircraft. The outdoor portion was quite cold (being the middle of the winter, to be expected. lol) but worth being uncomfortable. This is where we were able to walk through some aircraft, including JFK’s airforce one. Cool stuff.

Overall, the entire visit was a whole lot of fun and very educational. The staff was great, too.


Kirkland Marina

I took a short walk down at Kirkland’s Marina Park.

It was mighty brisk but it was a nice day nonetheless. The sun was shining and a few people were out taking advantage of it.

Some families and tourists walked along the pier as enjoy each other’s company. There was also a small group of teenagers tempting their luck by balancing on and jumping between some of the rocks. As one of the boys made a leap of faith from one boulder to the next, I fondly recalled all the dumb dares I didn’t turn down in my youth. He made it. Thank goodness he didn’t plunge into the frigid water below… with his phone in his pocket.

Kirkland certainly has some great parks. Heck, Washington has some amazing parks overall! Even at this tiny park on the water, wildlife can be easily found. I saw some seagulls, ducks, and pigeons. Of course, the were happily picking up after the messier of the marina’s visitors but the majority of them lazed in the afternoon sun.  I also found bird poop. A whole lot of bird poop. Lots and lots of bird poop. I can appreciate the wildlife, even if that means dodging the green duck turds along the walkway.

Honestly, I wish that my little adventure had been a bit longer. I wasn’t feeling too well and had to cut it short. Perhaps, another (probably warmer) day. 😛

Washington State Ferry Ride at Sunset

Washington State Ferry

After a lovely visit to Washington’s beautiful Olympic Peninsula, I made the trek back toward my neck of the woods. I was fortunate enough to arrive at the ferry terminal shortly before loading. Having grown weary of sitting behind the wheel of my vehicle, I ventured out onto the deck to snap some photos of the beautiful Puget Sound as the autumn sun slowly settled somewhere beyond. The air was crisp. The wind tore through right down to the bone. Oh but the beauty of the landscape painted across the horizon made it all worth the discomfort and effort! The Pacific Northwest is truly a sight to behold! Out here, the world feels larger, older, adaptable, and unforgiving. The unpolluted starscapes are a whole other topic of magnificence! Gorgeous!

Shooting landscapes is fulfilling. When in nature, I feel whole. A peaceful hike in the forest has been known to refresh my mind, body, and soul. I wish I had the time and energy to really get out there and get those great shots that I have already taken with my mind’s eye. Plans are being made, though. I look forward to the colors and explosions of life during the spring. I would like to retreat into the wilderness and begin shooting right now but I am so easily affected by the cold. It would be nice if that weren’t the case but it is what it is. Washington’s mountains can be quite brutal come this time of year. Neither I nor my vehicle is prepared for the demanding conditions that one can expect with these mountainous adventures.

Pike Place Market Photo Walk 2016

Pike Place Market

A recent project had me snapping some shots with a wide lens around Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. I arrived relatively early but the market was already bustling. Businesses were rushing to prepare for commerce. Bakers were baking. Produce stands were sampling their wares to passersby. Shoppers and tourists happily shuffled the halls of the indoor market in search of artisan products or other treasures that might be found within some hidden nook of the public market. The historic halls still have life to them yet!

Outside of the comfort and safety of the market, the air was incredibly heavy with humidity. The sky threatened rain. The brisk wind reminded pedestrians that autumn is around the corner.

If you happen to be in the area, I highly recommend visiting Pike Place. Visit if only to experience a little piece of Seattle history and culture. (Guided tours are available) Experience the produce and flower stands. Experience the fish markets. Experience the baked goods and artisan crafts. Experience Seattle.

Island Adventures Whale Watching

On the 10th of September, my husband and I had a surprise adventure courtesy of his loving family. We literally had no idea what was in store for us until we were dropped off at the marina! Such fun! We both had an amazing time… unexpected raccoon sunburn and all. ;P I’d love to do this again! Shout out to Island Adventures Whale Watching! The crew was very friendly and informative. Not only did we learn a lot, see some amazing wildlife, and sip hot cocoa in between… but we both had an amazing time. 10/10 would do again. Note to self: bring gloves next time. 😛


2016 Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show

Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show


I’ve been meaning to go to the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show for the past few years however, my schedule never seemed to allow for it. Not this year!


The day was one of the hottest of the year so far. Traffic was horrendous and we didn’t arrive until the early evening but none of that mattered once inside. Yeah, we were all thankful for the Tacoma Convention Center’s fine air conditioning system but more than that, the building seemed to be buzzing with positive energy.

Once up the escalators, visitors were greeted by bells, lasers, beeps, boops, and the general rumble of engaged players and eager onlookers. The price of admission ($30 for that Saturday of the weekend event) seemed a little steep at first however we quickly recovered the value through what we would have spent in quarters if not for the free play all around. It was fun to try so many machines but I especially enjoyed some of the older pinball machines. While some relived fond memories of ages past, some were just now experiencing these older technologies for the first time. That was fun to observe. We stayed until the event closed at 11:30PM. To be honest, I could have played a few more hours. Perhaps I should consider the weekend pass for next year? My only real complaint was the lack of hand sanitizer stations. It would have been nice to see some dispersed between some aisles however I am uncertain if hand sanitizer itself might damage some of the machines’ components. Oh well. We brought our own and were careful about it. ;P



Please support the volunteers at NorthWest Pinball and Arcade Show.

Exploring Fremont

I’ve been trying to get out and explore a bit more. There is a lot to learn and appreciate about this area. I took an afternoon and walked about a bit of Fremont. In all honesty, I wish I had left earlier. the bus ride was a brutal hour and  half! (yuck) But the adventure was worth it.

While at the bus stop, I took a photo of the sky to show how exceptionally clear the day was… at least when I began my journey.

Sometimes, I feel like a creeper.

Fremont certainly has a style all its own.

The beautiful weather attracted all sorts to come outside and play. The water and trail were quite active. I even spotted some local wildlife.

Even though I know I haven’t even scratched the surface, Fremont has to be one of my favorite neighborhoods, I think.

Gas Works Park was fun, too. I made it in time to see the crowd gathering atop the hill to usher out a glorious day; the break from the Seattle winter gloom.

It was refreshing to be able to shake off the winter blues for a while and surround myself with so many others just enjoying the same in their own ways.